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Iain Peverall

Position: Deputy Warden Barbers' Company

Admitted: 12 Nov 2018

 Iain Peverall is assistant workshop manager with the County Durham and Darlington Fire Brigade.

The 36-year-old oversees the work of the brigade’s team responsible for the upkeep of more than two dozen fire engines, eighty other cars and vans, as well as a string of specialist fire-fighting appliances.

After leaving school he started his working career with the brigade as an apprentice coach builder and lives in a former mining village with his wife Emma, a deputy head teacher, and their two children.

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Patrick Conway  OBE
Patrick Conway OBE
Chair of Trustees
John Booth
John Booth
Chairman of the Wardens and Barbers' Company Warden
Kathleen Vasey
Kathleen Vasey
Drapers' Company Warden and Secretary to the Freemen
Eric Bulmer
Eric Bulmer
Chairman of the Charitable Trust and Membership Secretary
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