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Rachel Vest

Company: Drapers

Admitted: 11 Nov 2019

Twenty-six-year-old Rachel has now joined her uncles David and Richard, as well as older brothers Richard and Paul in the Drapers Company.

My brother and I both decided we wanted to honour the memory of our dad Robert - who died in 2000 - and grandad Charlie, by becoming Freemen and joining the rest of our immediate family. My dad was 21 when he was sworn in and he had followed in the footsteps of his own father.

Rachel, whose has a seven-year-old son and lives with partner Adam in a village near Durham works in a dispensing chemist’s shop on the city’s outskirts.

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Eric Bulmer
Eric Bulmer
Warden of the Plumbers Company, Chairman of the Charitable Trust and Membership Secretary
Patrick Conway  OBE
Patrick Conway OBE
Chair of Trustees
Kathleen Vasey
Kathleen Vasey
Warden of Drapers Company and Secretary to the Freemen
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