The following information should be sent to the Freemen Secretary: 
Mr Bryan Proud.  78 Alnwick Road, Durham. DH1 5PD

Title, First Names, Surname, Maiden Surname (if applicable), Address, Post Code, Telephone Numbers, Email Address, Date of Birth, Name of Freeman Parent, Parent’s Company, Additional Information (eg Apprenticeship Details).

Copies of the following documents are required for verification.

1. If applying on the basis of Patrimony, a Birth Certificate indicating that the applicant is indeed the son or daughter of a Freeman.

2. If applying on the basis of Durham Servitude, evidence that the applicant was apprenticed to a trade for at least three years in the City of Durham.

3. Any documentation which demonstrates a name change (e.g. Marriage Certificate).

4. A cheque for £20.00 made payable to Durham City Freemen.