The Durham City Freemen website, is a key asset in recording and celebrating the activities of the Freemen. It provides timely information posted virtually as it happens and has proven to be the most cost effective way of communicating information to the public at large and our membership, no matter where they live in the world. Serving to raise the profile of the Freemen on a daily basis.

Given the importance of this asset, we will continue to develop the resource into the future, ensuring the site is easy to manage, secure and future proof.

Images displayed on the website are courtesy of Geoff Kitson the official Durham City Freemen Photographer.

Accompanying Geoffs photography, we are extremely fortunate to have the services of George Oliver, a former trustee and now a Gentleman Freeman, who provides the copy for all our news articles, not only posted on the website, but often published in the local press.

If you have any interesting facts or information regarding the Durham City Freemen you would like to share please contact your Warden or the Freemen Secretary.