The Guild of Curriers and Tallow Chandlers was established in the City of Durham in 1570.

Records of the Curriers' Company

Reference: DCG 5

Dates of creation: 1630-1937

Extent: 4 volumes; 5 files

Records of the Curriers' company, formerly known as the Curriers and Tallow Chandlers, are held by Durham University and can be viewed via the Special Collections Catalogue.

Records Summary

Ordinances and orders:[1568]-1638, 1661-1824, 1873
Minutes:1630-1855, 1873, 1897-1903, 1933-1936
Admissions and freemen:[1641]-1926

Interesting Fact
James Robert Thurlow
A memory shared by Isabella Adams on the Francis Frith website, on Oct 26th, 2007.

Related Information - Durham City Guild Freemen
Thurlow, James Robert to Mark Story, 06 May 1839, Servitude (N). Curriers
Thurlow, Robert James s James Robert Thurlow, currier, 14 Dec 1865, Patrimony. Curriers
Thurlow, James William s Robert James Thurlow, currier, 20 Dec 1888, Patrimony. Curriers 
Thurlow, John Danby s James William Thurlow, currier, 03 Feb 1926, Patrimony. Curriers 

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