The Guild of Barbers, Surgeons, Waxmakers, Ropers and Stringers Guild was established in the City of Durham in 1468.

Records of the Barbers' Company

Reference: DCG 1

Dates of creation: [1600]-1962

Extent: 9 volumes; 6 files

Records of the Durham City Barbers' company, first incorporated as the Barber-surgeons and Wax-makers on 20 February 1469, and from before the mid 17th century also including the Ropers and Stringers, and known thereafter as the Barbers, Stringers and Ropers, can be viewed via the Special Collections Catalogue.

Records Summary

Ordinary (17th-century copy), 1469.

Minutes: 1617-1627, 1647-1879, 1895-1896, 1914, 1925-1927, 1954, 1962
Accounts: 1616-1917
Apprenticeships: 1617-1858
Admissions and freemen: 1615-1878
Minutes of Freemen's Trustees 1806-1808, 1897
Union Hall Farm dividend accounts: 1808-1941

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Barbers Company

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