Durham City Freemen

History Group

For some time now newly admitted members to the Durham City Freemen have asked what happens next and how can they be involved with the organisation. To this end the Freemen created a History Group in November 2016 in an attempt to engage with the general membership and provide an opportunity to research the history of the Guilds and the Freemen of Durham City.

The project has also attracted members of the general public bringing a wide variety of skills and interests to the group.

Images courtesy of Gary Bankhead

The initial focus for the group will be to engage in a project with the University of Durham, that researches artefacts discovered and recovered by Gary Bankhead from the bed of the River Wear, with the aim of producing a booklet that will shed more light on the Guilds and the life and work of the Freemen of Durham City.

The project will also provide an opportunity to research two of the remaining eight Companies, the Cordwainers and Drapers. and provide a more informative picture for the benefit of the Freemen and the general public.

The progress of the projects can be followed by viewing the History Group News page.

PDF Documents

Subject Guide 13: The Freemen of Durham City
(By kind permission of the County Record Office)

Use this guide to explore/uncover any ancestral links to the Durham City Freemen

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