The Guild of Goldsmiths, Plumbers. Pewterers, Potters, Painters, Glaziers and Tin Plate Workers was established in the City of Durham in 1532.

Records of the Plumbers' Company

Reference: DCG 12

Dates of creation: 1693-1913

Extent: 2 volumes; 1 file

Records of the Plumbers' company, formerly the Goldsmiths, Plumbers, Pewterers, Potters, Glaziers and Painters are held by Durham University and can be viewed via the Special Collections Catalogue.

Records Summary

Orders:1532, 1706-1715, 1747
Minutes:1713, 1834, 1873-1913
Apprenticeships:1764-1815, 1828, 1838-1888
Admissions and freemen:1699-1845

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Plumbers Company

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